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  • Systems Development
  • Hardware & Software Maintenance
  • Systems Integration and Re-Engineering
  • Network Services
  • Education
  • Training

Why Our Services

Vast Experience in content development for corporate and academic customers. Best-fit, customized solutions such as web-based, computer-based & instructor-led training - all focused on improving organizational performance.

Expert Development Team encompasses Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers, Designers, Multimedia Developers, Graphic Designers, Integration Experts, Technical & Content Writers, Networking Experts and Portal Managers.

Top Quality IT Professionals
We give you access to the talented and highly qualified IT professionals, bringing with them, years of IT experience, gained while developing and implementing technology solutions for clients around the globe. Their skills are not limited to the technological knowledge but they also include excellent communication skills, an attitude to enjoy the work atmosphere and a desire to constantly improve their technical skills and maintain the team spirit.
They have extensive experience in the technologies, tools and languages they are using. They are adept at cutting-edge frameworks and well defined methodologies to successfully build and manage applications. They are a model of excellence and are committed to provide excellent industrial training every time.

Superior Customer Service
We offer consultation to help our client to customize the training as per their individual needs. Even after the completion of project we are accessible to answer the participant's queries. Our intention is to facilitate our clients to create a life long relationship. These services go a long way in making every client comfortable with us.

More Flexible
Like all successful organizations, LIVEpro is flexible. We consider each clients needs project by project. At LIVEpro, we're dedicated to one thing, the right people with the right skills for the right project.

We are always looking beyond to get a glimpse of the next trend, the next development that will shape the industry. We provide ourselves on our continuous improvement approach and the way it translates into more knowledgeable professionals and a superior finished product for our clients.


Our focus is more about action than words, which is why we simply love people who not only think out-of-the-box, but are enterprising enough to get their ideas off the drawing board, on to real ground. Therefore, if you are someone who dreams big and has an eye for execution, you can find a perfect fit in LIVEpro.
We provide a focused enlightening experience that delivers exactly what people need to know based on job responsibilities and skill levels.

A Truly Hands-On Learning Experience

You will get trained by senior programmers who are working for reputed IT companies. The real-life work experience of our project guides will help you learn the real programming world problems.

Our trainings are always designed in such a way that more of the training-time is spent working on practical technologies. This method assures substantial interaction with the instructor and is very effective in meeting the learning goals.